Adudu and food.🍗🍗🍗

Who is adudu? My boyfriend?nope…it not.It just a little kitten.Adudu is just it name.It is a male kitten.It has high demand and very choosy in food.It dont like to eat cat foodcracker or cat food that smell stinky or smell weird.

When my family noticed that dudu’s eating style was very choosy a few months a go.We changed it food.My mom suggested for dudu’s boiled fish for it daily food.And guess what?? little cute kitten finished the food like one year never eat.It ok dudu as long you happy with your life.

Sometimes my cat  manage to wait for boiled fish until it fall a sleep.It make my feeling hurt sometimes to see how patient adudu in waiting it food. Ermm …thanks for your patient in  waiting while we prepare the food for you.

Later I will share about it activities or something interesting about my cat.I also have interest in sharing food that what I eat,cook and some recipe.Let wait for the other post soon.So, the next post I will share the detail about dudu.🐹

🐹Adudu🐹:”Hey..I am searching for this…meow”


Eat eat…yummy💚💚

Assalamualaikum to muslim  reader and hello to everybody.This is the first time for me in WordPress.I have interest in sharing any interesting experience .

I like to eat very much especially  delicious food.But sometimes it alright for me to eat an average food as long it can full fill my stomach . We  should not be too choosy in eating any food because  there are some people in other country and places have a burden to find food and a clean drink.So, I need to be grateful of what i have.

Sometimes if I have ability to buy the delicious food that expensive, I will buy and I hope that I can share the food with all my family member and eat happily.The expensive food cannot be bought in many amount.So, I have to share with my family member so that all my family can taste the food together.Sharing is caring.I love my family. hehe.

My mother give me some advised ,she told me that.”If you want to save your money and have a clean food,just cook the food by yourself.”.For me the food that we prepare is more save money and safe to eat  than buy from outside, So for all reader of my writing, what is your opinion or info that can you share about my mom’s statement?you can comment  down there.hehe

That all from me..wait for my new post.hihi